Friday, January 23, 2009

Rough Animatic - Budding Romance

This piece was part of a storyboard project during college. The main idea of the piece was to show the growth and decline the leaf and have it coincide with the developement of a young couple's relationship. It was also during the same project that I had to create the layout below based on the theatre.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rough Animatic - Atlas

This animatic is based on an old idea I had for a project about conservation and recycling etc. The piece is based in part on the legend of Atlas, one of the Greek Titans, tasked with forever holding up the sky (the world in most depictions) . I quite liked the idea of having the Earth more as a beloved charge rather than a painful burden and from there it grew into the idea of a parent and child.
The basic premise is for Atlas to be holding the Earth, nurturing it, watching it grow, but then for it to gradually become ill and die with the spread of a disease (man) while Atlas,as a parent, is helpless to act.

Comic Art- Batman

These pieces were originally supposed to be part of a larger poster that didn't pan out so I decided to crop them down when I was using Photoshop.

Comic Art- Iron Man

Im very fond of this piece because it was my very first outing with water colours in comic work and I loved the results.I used Photoshop on the piece afterwards but only to fix the contrast and colour balance.

Life Drawing- Female Gesture

This is just one of a bunch of gesture pieces done in our life drawing sessions in ADA1. I really liked working with this model because I sometimes have problems drawing female characters and her poses were just so gestural,she was great.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life Drawing Reel

These are a number of pieces of gesture work done over numerous life drawing sessions in college. I particularly enjoyed working with inks and bamboo because it's fluid enough to provide the main mark work in quick sessions while it becomes very graphic in style during prolongued observations.