Friday, April 20, 2012

Armada - End of Year Film for ADA 2

 The film was inspired by the real life story of Fancesco de Cuellar, a Spanish soldier who survived being shipwrecked on the Sligo coast only to have to make a perilous trek across the ferocious Irish countryside, avoiding bloodthirsty locals and a vicious British cavalry.

It should be noted that the real story differs however from the end of the film. In real life Franceso de Cuellar survived many months on the run before finally returning to the safety of his homeland.

The film also contains a wonderful musical track composed and performed by Micheal Clarke.

Armada- Francesco Concept Work

Here is a number of concept sketches, character designs and final model sheets showing Franceso's clean cut and shipwreck torn looks.

Armada Screen Test

This is just a quick cycle from my end of year film. It was part of a render test for the tutors in class

Armada- Film Poster

Paul Keane Animation Showreel

Tortoise: Lip Sync CCHND Year 2

This is a 3D lip sync I did for the final year of the CCHND diploma course in animation

Tortoise: Jump CCHND Year 2

This is another part of the HND 3D project, we had to animate our character jumping up.

The Lobby: ADA1 End of year Film

This piece was the first year group project for our ADA degree course in animation. It was originally based on a concept I had about my summer job working on the reception desk of a hotel in Dublin.

The Lobby: Rough Animations

These are some of my rough animation tests for "The Lobby" group film project.