Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comic Work- Red Riding Hood

This is a collections of pieces compiled for a college assignment a few years back. The brief given was to complete a series of comic images based on a famous folk tale. The project MUST be seven pages in length, with a minimum of three panels per page. Unfortunately this meant that we were'nt allowed do splash pages which is a shame because I had big plans for the end.

The comic was finished with a mix of watercolours for the most of the characters and enviroment and red marker for emphasis on certain objects.

For the ending of the piece I took inspiration from the "Alien" movies. I loved the idea of the protagonist being alerted to the impending danger by the dripping saliva of the monster. In the original draft I even had the wolf lurking in the rafters but because of the brief I could'nt fit it in, although the premise is illustrated in the "Concept Sketches" shown below.

Comic Work-Red Riding Hood Concept

The premise was to have the character of the Woodsman already on the trail of the Wolf because of some sort of personal vendetta. In the end he was to take the pelt as a trophy.
NOTE: Clark Kent is NOT a prat of the concept, rather the pad used for design work was a gift from a friend ha ha.

This was an alternate page for the Woodsman's enterance using different perspective.

This was the plan for the more intense "Alien-like" shot with extreme perspective. This page would have led on to more of a struggle between the characters however, again because of the brief, this had to be ommitted.