Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comic Work- Red Riding Hood

This is a collections of pieces compiled for a college assignment a few years back. The brief given was to complete a series of comic images based on a famous folk tale. The project MUST be seven pages in length, with a minimum of three panels per page. Unfortunately this meant that we were'nt allowed do splash pages which is a shame because I had big plans for the end.

The comic was finished with a mix of watercolours for the most of the characters and enviroment and red marker for emphasis on certain objects.

For the ending of the piece I took inspiration from the "Alien" movies. I loved the idea of the protagonist being alerted to the impending danger by the dripping saliva of the monster. In the original draft I even had the wolf lurking in the rafters but because of the brief I could'nt fit it in, although the premise is illustrated in the "Concept Sketches" shown below.

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